Green 2 Blue’s pellet production plant is strategically located 200km east of the Poland/Germany border in Rzeczenica, North Central Poland and is permitted to process up to 220,000 metric tonnes of wood waste annually. The facility is situated in the dense forestry region of the Pomerania Province, with over 100 saw mills in close proximity to provide a steady supply of fiber for feedstock.

There are port services north-east of the facility in Gdansk and a port facility with year-round accessibility in nearby Kolobrzeg. The operation exists inside of a 27,000 sqft facility that houses the production lines and equipment, warehouse for raw material and a large storage area for finished residential and commercial pellets.

In 2018 Green 2 Blue completed extensive upgrades, including the installation of a second pellet production line, which includes the purchase of a new biomass dryer, pellet mill, hammer mill and fully automated bagging system (replacing 8 employees), at its Rzeczenica facility.  Green 2 Blue’s pellet production lines are customized installations that are designed to Company specifications by an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer that specializes in the design, fabrication and installation of biomass processing equipment.

With the recent upgrades at the Rzeczenica facility, the end to end production capacity has increased to 3,000 tonnes of pellets per month.  Green 2 Blue has a team of experienced engineers and operators that know how manage operational efficiency, quality, reliability and employee safety.


In November 2018 Green 2 Blue signed a lease agreement to operate a new pellet production facility in the township of Szczypkowice Poland, which is located approximately 83 kilometers west of the key shipping port of Gdansk and 130 kilometers north of Green 2 Blue’s current operations in Rzeczenica.

The Szczypkowice facility is situated on 1.65ha with one building subdivided into 3 zones for feed stock, production and product inventory.  All existing equipment including pellet machines, a biomass drum dryer, hammer mill and full production line are included in the agreement.  The overall production capacity and existing license allow for up to 3,000 tonnes of pellet production per month.


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